Monday, July 11, 2011

Au Milleu de P "Special Belle from Pou'belle"

Pou'belle 's Jacket for Indah dewi Pertiwi 's Music Video
on Audrey Tapiheru At Simfoni Musik BNI

on Yasmine wildblood for Pixy Tvc 
On Nabila Syakieb For Pixy Tvc

Yangseku wears Pou'belle at Dahsyat                       Rachel Maryam wears Pou'belle for Arisan 2

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pou'belle -spring summer 2O11-

Code : Top Pou11-18, Skirt Pou11-O9
Code : Top Pou11-11, Skirt Pou11-O5
Code : Mini dress Pou11-19
Code : Dress Pou11-O1
Code : Dress Pou11-O2
Code : Dress Pou11-1O

Code : Top Pou11-11, Jumpsuit Pou11-O3
Code : Top Pou11-O7
Code : Top Pou11-13, Skirt: Pou11-O8

Code :Top: Pou11-2O, Skirt: Pou11-12
Code : Top Pou11-23, Skirt Pou11-17
Code : Mini Dress Pou11-O4
Code : Top Pou11-15, Short Pants Pou11-21
Code : Top Pou11-14 , Pants Pou11-16

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pou'belle Profile

is a fashion brand created by Yaneshya Kaban in 2010. Pou'belle stands for "Pouvoir être belle" and It depicts the meaning of "the ability to be beautiful" in English.

Yaneshya had Lived in France for a few years. She pursued fashion and fine art degree in France after pursuing on fashion design and pattern drafting in one of fashion design school in Jakarta. After education competition in 2OO9, she started to work on fashion industry and she worked full time as fashion stylist for fashion and commercial project.

And in the present time, she is now focusing on establishing Pou’belle. 
“I let my fingers dance and i let my lalaland create Pou’belle”, that’s what she said
Pou’belle design is best described as classic, bold and detail following her noted influence : Rococo, Baroque, Gothic flamboyant , Cabaret , and also traditional culture.

For Pou’belle, the priority is the capability to give a good looking final piece for clients and making the clothes dance on their body.
So, Pou'belle doesn't give a "Poubelle", but Pou'belle only gives you a "Belle”.